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This Lemon Foot Soak Will Help You To Detox Your Whole Body

Lemon Foot Soak Will Help To Detox The Whole Body

Before talking about how to do the lemon foot soak, we need to understand what’s happening daily with us. Each of us works hard all day whether this work in a company, selling, marketing or even in the kitchen and when the working end is near we feel so excessively tired, maybe in shoulders, face and also in feet because of been standing up or walking all day.

Even so, we pay attention to our face care only, maybe because the face is the most noticed, that’s right but we should care about the other parts of the body that need care too, what about the feet?

It is definitely important to give the care too with your foot, we load on our feet tragically without care about that our body is already heavy.

Do not neglect your feet to avoid the pain, bad looking, varicose veins, split heels, and parasitic diseases.

So when we look for the comforts for our feet, there is no comfortable thing than feet soaking in something warm and make us feels better besides getting the benefits from it.

Why Lemon Foot Soak?

We will talk today about how we can care in our feet through lemon besides getting the benefits of it.

Before that, we need to know about lemon and what is the benefits of it that we need.

lemons are known as the most popular citrus fruit in the world. From Indian Ayurveda to Italian cuisine. most of the people use lemon to enhance food, drinks or even cure some diseases because it has many benefits.

Lemon juice contains many nutrients such as antioxidants Vitamins C, B,

potassium, calcium, fiber, etc. It’s not wondering these little yellow fruits have so many different uses!

It’s easy to use this fruit for our needs especially you can find it everywhere.

Benefits Of Lemon Juice For Your Feet

Lemon juice have many benefits and can do the wonders for your feet, here are some of these benefits and the main reasons that you need to know to use lemon for a foot soak.

Remedy the foot exfoliation by lemon juice:  

This exfoliation is coming due to the accumulation of dead and dry skin, this causes the ugly look and some pain to our foot.

To remedy this case by lemon juice, you have to exfoliate the skin well and renew it, you will do this with lemon, you can use part of the lemon to make a scrubbing. also, you can use other things with lemons in this scrubbing like olive oil, brown sugar, Vaseline and lemon rind.

Get rid of bad odor by lemon  foot soak:

No one can withstand the embarrassment look that we can be in because of the bad feet odor, so we don’t use lemon juice just to get a pretty foot look, we should keep the foot clear and have a good smell too.

A lemon foot soak will give you the amazing moisturizing feeling and the sweet smell to your foot.

You can use some moisturizers that contain lemon essential oil after lemon soaking.

Get rid of toxins with lemon foot soak:

There are some points in bones, joints, and tendons in feet that are bonded together. Through the lemon foot soak, you can refresh these organs and take the harmful toxins out.

You can increase this process by massage the soles of the foot with lemon rind.

Keep your foot bright with lemon juice foot soak:

Lemon foot soak will make your foot bright

Lemon juice has acidic nature properties which can help to brighten up the skin and nails, this will give the fresh feeling to your feet.

To achieve this brighten besides the lemon juice foot soak, add about 2-3 lemons as a juice in a bowl of warm water. you can add rose petals to look nice.

Make your foot Freshen up with lemon juice:

Make the benefits that you will get from lemon foot soak increase by washing.

Use lemon juice as a foot soak cover and rub it around your feet and toes for some time. keep doing this from time to time and you will get a refreshing feeling.

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Get better sleep with lemons:

Lemon foot soak will make you Sleep well

Lemon foot soak makes you feel relax, so you can sleep better. and as we know the sleeping is essential for maintaining health.

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Have a great morning with lemons:

Lemon foot soak will make you have a great morning

As we mention before the lemon foot soak work on improving the blood circulation and when you get enough sleep that will help you to stay up and feel fresh all day.

Stay away on stress with lemons:

Stress has different ways to seep into your life, maybe through our career, finance to our family or home lives.

Stress can cause depression and health problems.

The magnesium found in the Epsom salt and peppermint may help to reduce the accumulated stress in the body.

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Relax with lemons:

everyone needs to rest foot especially if you have been on your feet all day, you can pamper your foot in the best way by giving them a lemon bath.

Lemon foot bath works on relaxing the nerve endings of feet and improve the work of the muscles by regulating electrolyte levels.

Bring a large bowl and put it some warm water, bring a half cup of honey and mix it with the juice of one lemon then add them in the bowl then enjoy!

This new perfect bath will not only drive out dead skin but will also soothe tired feet and give them a great fresh feeling.

You can use a good moisturizer to scrub off the dead skin cells if you need it.

Lemons are economical and natural:

Lemons are economical and natural for use

Lemons are not expensive and it’s one of the reasons why you can use it for your feet.

When we look for some moisturizer products we found it expensive, not that only, but also we are not always sure which product will suit us.

In comparing with lemons, we found that there are no doubts about its cost and being a natural product it is always safe and sure.

So, are you ready to give due attention to your feet? Read again then consider these reasons why you should use lemons on your feet.

Give your feet the right importance and walk-in style with comfort.

It’s not wondering these little yellow fruits have so many different uses!

So, How to prepare this simple lemon foot soak?

How to prepare the lemon foot soak

After we got the good information about lemons juice it’s time to prepare our lemon juice foot soak

Make these ingredients ready:

  • Lemon juice
  • Mint tea
  • Olive oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Epsom salts
  • pumice stone
  • Bowl of hot water


Put each one of the ingredients in the bowl of hot water, then put your foot inside and let it for about 10 mins.

After this period wash your feet with fresh water then scour your feet with a pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin cells.

Epsom salt including magnesium work on taking out all poisons gathered in the body and that helps to upgrade your general health.

You can use other basic oils for your foot instead of Peppermint essential oil too such as Wintergreen oil, Rosemary oil, Juniper berry oil or Cedarwood oil. they are great too.

This Lemon Foot Soak Will Help You To Detox Your Whole Body
Lemon Foot Soak Will Help You To Detox Your Whole Body

Be careful:

If you suffering some chronic illness or skin allergy, skip this lemon foot soak.

Talk to your doctor if you feel some doubt.

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Share this easy home hack with your friends and loved ones so that they can get the benefits from a good foot soak too!

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