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17 Best Tips To Get A Healthy Life In 2019

17 Best Tips To Get a Healthy Life in 2019

With these 17 best tips made by doctors, dieticians and fitness trainers you will be able to save yourself from falling into the diseases and get a healthy life.

Of course, there are a lot of diets, some good and some bad. And you are free to choose which a suitable way for you. Eating well and having health routines for your free time will help you to feel better and get a healthy life.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 66% of Americans eat outside the home because of busying in work or studying and therefore resort to change their nutrition System.

Also, according to the same study, 55% of people with diabetes, gastritis, high blood pressure, and heart problems have gained these diseases due to the poor eating system and emotional stress.

The secret is knowing how to eat a balanced diet then you will have the key to your healthy life.

The 17 Best Tips To Get a Healthy Life 

1. You must have a varied diet

Food that will help in diet

The different in foods in your diet is going to help you to set more or less healthy.

You should try to keep these food groups (carbohydrates, proteins, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and fats) in your meals.

In addition, you should care for proteins, fruits, vegetables and cereals, and not carbohydrates and fats.

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2. You must eat vegetables

Vegetables that are rich with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Vegetables are rich with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

– Using of fiber in the diet help strongly to prevent high cholesterol, colon problems, and constipation.

It’s recommended to mix vegetables with salad, you can make it also with eggs to get a Keto Egg Salad which has a delicious and awesome taste.

– It’s preferred to eat vegetables in the afternoon and at night.
– It’s preferred to use fresh salads.
– Vegetables help strongly on burn belly fat.

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3. You must eat meat and fish but moderately

meat is rich in protein

– Eat protein but don’t increase than 16% of your total energy consumption.
– Protein source doesn’t come from Meat and fish only.
– You can make a balance to obtain on another kind of protein through:
a- The proteins of legumes (soy, lentils, chickpeas).
b- Dairy products (cheeses, yogurt and of course the milk).
c- Eggs (in moderation) and nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts).

4. Your Breakfast must include the Egg

Eggs are rich in vitamins

The egg protein is rich with a necessary composition that contains essential amino acids, as well as easily digestibility.

Actually, the egg contains a lot of nutrients such as:
– Vitamin D, for bone health and immune function.
– Choline, essential for the functioning of all cells.
– Also, it helps to improve ocular function, Skincare, and metabolism.

So we advise you to eat one egg at least then you will have a great healthy life.

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5. Use the least amount of Salt

Natural sea salt helps in metabolism

You can achieve that through mixing the salads with vegetables and the juice of a lemon or you can make vegetables with a little amount of water or steam. Thus they preserve their mineral salts.

We prefer to use the natural sea salt because it is rich with magnesium which helps in metabolism in the human body and Works on bone growing up.

6. Eat food that contains vitamins and minerals in moderation

Such as Antioxidants and Calcium.

Antioxidants works on strengthening the muscles, Help in the growth of hair and make your mood better.
Food which contains Antioxidants: (Dark Chocolate, Pecans, Blueberries, Kale and etc.)

Calcium works on to reduce these diseases (Arthritis, High blood pressure, Colon cancer, and others).
Food which contains Calcium: (Seeds, Cheese, Yogurt, Beans, Lentils and etc.)

7. Take care of organizing your time

Organizing the time

Plan your time and Priority your hobbies and activities including your meals and your fitness training and that what we call a healthy living system.

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8. Exercises in free time

You can at least walk to your appointments or even to your home after finish work. Practice yourself on that two to three days a week and you will feel much better in your day.

9. Take your rest times

You should take your rest times to avoid the suffering from back, spine, neck problems or being very tired from sitting on your office.

10. Make an exercise routine for yourself

exercise routine will make your life healthy

It’s preferable to practice the exercises at least 30 minutes daily.

The activity of your body enhances your body power and keeps the digestive system healthy.

11. Practice other activities such as:

Yoga helps in refining of soul

Yoga and martial arts, work on reducing stress and even serve to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.

12. Change your position

You should change your situation if you sit often in your job or bend too much. The best way to do this is to stand up straight from time to time.

There are additional care u mast care about to get a healthy life

13. Make check up on your health from time to time

check up on your health from time to time

Such as electrocardiogram, ophthalmological examination, chest CT and etc.

Don’t forget to visit your doctor at least once a year.

14. Take care of your skin

Skin Care

Avoid direct contact with sunlight for a long time, you can use sunscreen to get healthy skin.

15. Take care of your Eye

Eye Care

The skin that surrounds the eyes is very weak and more sensitive than other skin parts, Therefore it needs special care, you can use nourishing creams for this part and avoid exposing directly to the sun.

Sleep well and rest enough. Make sure that the light is good behind you when u get ready to write or read. Be careful and don’t scratch your eyes with your fingers.

Also, Don’t forget to visit your doctor to make sure that your eye is alright at least every 6 months.

16. Take care of your feet

walking barefoot is a good massage for your feet, you can use hot water with salt to give a good feeling to your feet, also you can use cold water baths alternated with the hot baths to stimulate blood circulation.

Additionally, you should wash your feet daily and wear shoes that are comfortable.

17. Sleeping well 

Sleep is very important to the human body life

Sleep is very important to the human body life, To be able to practice your activity you should sleep very well, It’s preferred to sleep six hours as a minimum and eight as a maximum.

Researchers found that people who sleep for less than five hours a night more likely to risk and also who sleep for more than nine hours per night.

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The secret is to eat a balanced diet and keep going doing these 17 Tips, and then you will be able to live a very healthy life and get a fit healthy body. And don’t forget to visit your doctor at least once a year.

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17 Best Tips To Get A Healthy Life In 2019
17 Best Tips To Get A Healthy Life In 2019


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