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The 30 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

The 30 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

The Healthy Skin, this phrase is very important to us women or men, all of us want to have healthy skin and fabulous, to get Healthy Skin, you should care about what you eat, no matter how dedicated you are to your daily skincare routine, you actually need to start from within your stomach.

All of us scaring from that pimple that may appear on our cheek and it can scar the skin for a long time! so how we can protect our skin and get healthy skin?

Get Healthy Skin by Eating This Foods

Well, here we will provide you the best natural food that you need to get healthy skin and a fabulous look. This food will force your body to change this skin that has wrinkles and age spots to healthy skin and make your skin glowing from within.

With this article, you will discover the foods that have great healing properties that help a lot to get healthy skin.

Eat Fatty Fish for Healthy Skin

This fatty fish r rich in Omega-3-fatty acids which are healthy for your skin and it helps in preventing melanoma and basal cell carcinoma.

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for maintaining skin health, it keeps skin thick, supple and moisturized. also, work on reducing inflammation which can cause redness and acne to your skin.

Fatty fish also are rich in astaxanthin compounds which are very essential and mainly used in cosmetics, astaxanthin compounds work on protecting the skin from sun radiation and improve skin elasticity, thereby slowing down aging.

Fatty fish give you zinc which essential for preventing skin inflammation and keep the skin healthy.

Fatty fish also contains vitamin E which work as antioxidants that help to make your skin healthy always.

Fatty fish do not contain only these nutrients that make your skin healthy but also considered as a source of high-quality protein which is important to keep the strength and integrity of your skin healthy.


Fatty Fish for Healthy Skin-Salmon

Salmon is one of excellent fatty fish that contains all the previous nutrients which make your skin healthy and glowing.

Examples for other fatty fish, such as mackerel and herring, all of the previous are excellent foods for healthy skin.

You can make this fatty fish with veggies to get a great taste and keep your skin always moisturized and healthy.

Try steaming your fish other than frying it to prevent the consumption of additional unhealthy fats.


Fatty Fish for Healthy Skin-Tuna

Tuna is perfect for skin health, Tuna contains a good amount of vitamin A, D, Selenium and omega-3-fatty acids.

Vitamin A work as an antioxidant and vitamin D help to protects the skin from UV radiation.

Omega-3-fatty acids act as many functions like it keeps skin thick, supple and moisturized. also, work on reducing inflammation which can cause redness and acne to your skin.

Your body creat an enzyme called Coenzyme Q10, this enzyme helps to get soft skin and reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Coenzyme comes from antioxidants, but when you get older the creation of these enzymes gets less, so help your body by eating tuna which have these antioxidants that will help you to keep your skin healthy.

To get the benefits of healthy skin you can eat tuna as grilled or baked with some veggies.

Eat Vegetables for Healthy Skin

Vegetables are good for Healthy Skin

Vegetables are a great source of antioxidants that keep skin healthy and protect it from cellular damage. these antioxidants are important for cell development and healthy skin tone.


Vegetables are good for Healthy Skin-Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in minerals and vitamins that make your skin healthy.

Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C, Vitamin C is very important and considers as an essential part of skin healthy. Studies suggest that vitamin C is most effective in protecting against damage induced by UV light and also has utility in the treatment of skin wrinkling (1).

Tomatoes also contain all of the major carotenoids, such as lycopene which acts as an antioxidant that helps in protecting your skin from sun damage and that one of the protecting steps to get healthy skin (2).

You can make tomatoes with soup, veggies or salads to enhance your skin healthy.


Vegetables are good for Healthy Skin-Broccoli

Broccoli is a great source of many vitamins and minerals which are important for skin health, that’s why broccoli is an ideal and perfect food to promote skin health.

Broccoli contains vitamins like C, E, and K. these antioxidant as we mentioned before protects skin from harmful radiation and keep it glowing and healthy.

Broccoli contains glucosinolates, polyphenols, iron, selenium, and zinc (3), (4).

Broccoli contains some compound that is important in protecting skin from oxidative damage (the oxidative damage can cause dry and wrinkled to your skin), this compound is known as lutein (a carotenoid that works like beta-carotene).

Broccoli contains a certain compound known as sulforaphane, studies show that this sulforaphane may have anti-cancer effects especially on some types of skin cancer (5).

You can eat steamed broccoli and mix it with your salad to get these awesome benefits especially skin health.


Vegetables are good for Healthy Skin-Carrot

Most of us ignore this type of vegetables but today we will provide its benefits for healthy skin.

Carrot is rich in antioxidants like beta-carotene, beta-carotene has antioxidant properties that help the cells to stay safe and alive (6).

Some studies say that our body works on converting the beta-carotene to vitamin A which helps in treatments for acne and other skin conditions.

Also, we must mention that you should avoid the overconsumption of carrots to keep your skin healthy.

you can use the carrots in your meals like salad or stew to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Sweet Potatoes

Vegetables are good for Healthy Skin-Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are good for skin health, they are rich in antioxidant and Beta-carotene which act as a natural sunblock.

The human body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A

When Beta-carotene consumed in your body, it acts as an antioxidant and enters into your skin and prevents harmful sun radiation to affect your skin and this helps to prevent sunburn and dry skin (7). So this beta-carotene work for keeping your skin healthy.

Beta-carotene is found in some plants like orange and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach.

You can get about four times the RDI of vitamin A from about 100 gm of sweet potatoes (8).


Vegetables are good for Healthy Skin-Spinach

This green vegetable helps a lot with skin problems and keep it healthy.

Spinach helps to prevent breakouts and rashes.

Spinach contains antioxidants that are important for preventing sun damage and keep the cell healthy.

Spinach is also rich in calcium that can help you to get Stronger Bones.

You can make spinach with soups or mix it with salad, which provides you the health of the skin always.

Bell Peppers

Vegetables are good for Healthy Skin-Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are highly rich in vitamin C which important to keep the creation of collagen that keeps skin healthy and strong.

You can eat both types of bell peppers red or yellow, both are great for healthy skin.

Bell peppers contain also a high amount of beta-carotene that your body needs to convert it to vitamin A.

As we mentioned before both vitamin C and beta-carotene are antioxidants that keep your skin healthy and glowing.

You can get about 317% of the RDI for vitamin C from about 149 gm of bell pepper (9).

Also, you can get about the equivalent of 92% of the RDI for vitamin A form about 149 gm of chopped red bell pepper (9).


Vegetables are good for Healthy Skin-Garlic

Garlic is a miracle and amazing nutrient because of it rich in vitamins like vitamin C and full of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, B6 and iron.

Garlic also acts as an antibiotic because it possesses antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

With all these properties it also reduces skin rashes and flushes out toxins (10). So garlic is perfect to keep our body and skin healthy.

You can add the chopped garlic to your salad, stew, roasted chicken, etc.

Get A Healthy Skin by Eating Fruits  

Fruits help to make your skin healthy

Fruits are like vegetables contains strong antioxidants that keep the skin healthy.


Fruits are good for Healthy Skin-Papaya

In addition to the sweet and delicious taste of papayas, they also rich in vitamins like vitamins A, C, and B and have enzymes papain and chymopapain besides dietary fiber.

The sun can affect your skin but in the presence of vitamin C, your skin will be protected. It also works on reducing sun damage to collagen and elastin.

Also, this Papaya fruit works on improving the movement and digestion beside regulation of blood pressure. and as we know the good digestion means flushing out toxins and this, in turn, can help you to get a fresh and healthy skin.

Studies have proved that This fruit has antimicrobial activity and has a strong effect in treating the burns in children (11).


Fruits are good for Healthy Skin-Avocados

Avocados are great for healthy skin, Avocados contain a high amount of healthy fats like monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats that act as a natural moisturizer for your skin, keeping it supple, in turn, working on increasing the health of your skin. studies have proved that Consuming healthy fats is very important to keep the cells fresh, in turn getting healthy skin (12).

Avocados contain a high amount of vitamins A, E, C, K, B-6. vitamin E is a great antioxidant that helps in protecting the skin from the risks of sun damage.

Also, vitamin C is important for healthy skin and also acts as an antioxidant, the skin needs vitamin C to get collagen that makes your skin healthy and softly. you should know that decreasing vitamin C makes your skin dry and rough, so eating avocados is the best choice to get vitamin C and keep your skin healthy.

A 100-gram of avocados gives you about 17% of your Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamin C and 10% of your (RDI) for vitamin E (13).

You can eat avocados and make it with salad, smoothies, etc.


Fruits are good for Healthy Skin-Strawberry

By eating strawberries, you will promote your health, this will show on your skin.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, and dietary fiber.

Strawberries also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing skin rashes, itching, etc.

To get the benefits of strawberries for healthy skin you can eat a bowl of strawberries only or mix it with other fruits or add them to your smoothies and you can also add them to your breakfast.


Fruits are good for Healthy Skin-Orange

Oranges are one of the amazing fruits that prevent skin problems infections which make it great to add it to our food diet to get strong and healthy skin.

Oranges are good for skin health because they are rich in minerals, vitamin C and other nutrients that make our skin glowing and fresh.

Vitamin C acts as a super antioxidant which supports our immune system, enhance our skin health and help it to heal properly.

Vitamin C is very important to produce collagen that makes the capillaries of skin strong and healthy.

Studies show that drinking a good amount of orange juice with help to increase skin carotenoids, therefore, increasing the antioxidant level of the skin (14).

Antioxidants protect the skin by preventing harmful radiation, prevent inflammation and keep the cell healthy.

You can get a radiant glow by eating an orange with your breakfast or beside other fruits.


Fruits are good for Healthy Skin-Kiwi

Kiwis are a Legendary fruit for enhancing skin health, they contain high levels of carotenoids, vitamins K, E, C, fiber, and potassium. All of those nutrients help in boosting immunity, help to reduce inflammation and prevent microbial infections (15).

Vitamin C prevents the sun to damage the collagen that your body needs to keep the skin healthy.

So kiwis are incredibly healthy to use for our skin.

You can cut kiwis to slices and add it to your breakfast fruit bowl or you can use it with smoothies and fruit juices.

Low-Fat Dairy Products Are Good for Healthy Skin

Low-fat dairy products can give you important nutrients like vitamins A, D, and calcium that will help you to get healthy skin.


Low-Fat Dairy Products Are Good for Healthy Skin-Milk

In addition to other benefits of milk like it rich in calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients. milk contains essential compounds that make your skin health, these compounds are known as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). These AHA work on enhancing skin health by stimulating collagen and elastin. It also works on removes the upper dead layer of skin (16).

To get these benefits of milk for healthy skin Its preferred to drink a glass of milk before bed or you can drink it with breakfast.

Please make sure that you have no sensitivity with lactose in the milk.


Low-Fat Dairy Products Are Good for Healthy Skin-Yogurt

Yogurt is good enough for skin health, It contains a good gut bacteria that work for enhancing the digestion, Of course, the good digestion means good health for all parts of the body including the skin.

You can eat yogurt with your breakfast cereal to get his benefits for healthy skin.

Cottage Cheese

Low-Fat Dairy Products Are Good for Healthy Skin-Cottage Cheese

Vitamin A promotes the production of healthy skin cells and gives skin strong and glowing look.

Also, cottage cheese contains good gut bacteria that maintain good digestion for the stomach and this, in turn, leads to healthy skin.

Other Foods to Get A Healthy Skin


Walnuts are Good for Healthy Skin

Walnuts have gorgeous healthy properties that make them the best food for healthy skin.

Walnuts are loaded with the main fatty acids that your body needs and present in a low amount. Walnuts contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, these fatty acids work on reducing skin inflammation.

Walnuts also have antioxidant characteristics that are important for healthy skin (17).

In fact, Walnuts are better than other nuts in terms of abundance both of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (18).

Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation in your body (19).

Walnuts provide contain the other essential nutrients that make your skin healthy and doing his functions with high efficiency.

Walnuts also contain zinc which important to skin healing, from about 28 gm of walnuts you can get 6% of the RDI of zinc (20).

finally, Walnuts can give you a low amount of antioxidants and vitamins like C, E, and selenium all of which are nutrients you need to keep your skin healthy (21).

To guarantee your skin is always healthy, make sure that you eat about 5 walnuts daily in the morning.

Green Tea

Green Tea is Good for Healthy Skin

Green tea gives you many health benefits that help you to have healthy skin.

Green tea contains strong antioxidants which have an amazing effect

in protecting skin and keep it healthy, these compounds such as catechins which work on producing healthy skin.

Green tea helps your skin and protecting it from sun damage and aging (22).

Drinking a cup of green tea in the morning is a great choice to help your skin with a glowing and that will get you to the healthy skin.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is Good for Healthy Skin


In addition to olive oil benefits for weight loss, it also good for skin health.

Olive oil contains vitamin E that work as we said before as antioxidant that helps to flush out the toxins and make your skin healthy always.

studies had proved that using olive oil topically can help to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and reduce the risk of skin cancer (23).

You can make olive oil with your salad or you can use it with fry fish or any other stuff.


Almond is Good for Healthy Skin

Almonds contain one of the important nutrients that help for healthy skin, this nutrient is known as alpha-tocopherol (help to protect skin from the harmful UV radiation.), it follows vitamin E family (works on protecting skin from oxidative (cell) damage and supports healthy skin growth).

Not that only, Almonds are rich in flavonoids compounds that enhance to reduce oxidative stress levels (24).

From 100 gm of almonds contain about 25 mg of alpha-tocopherol

Its preferred to eat about 5-6 almonds daily with your breakfast.

You can also mix the almonds with your salad.

finally, you can grind some almonds and Make it like a smooth almond paste then use it for your skin to get glowing and healthy skin.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is Good for Healthy Skin


People know black pepper and use it as a seasoning but what people don’t know is black pepper has a good effect on skin health

Black pepper has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that help in keeping your skin glowing and fresh (25).

You can add black pepper to your salad, sandwich, soup, etc. Therefore, you can improve your skin and keep it healthy.


Eggs are Good for Healthy Skin


Eggs are one of the few important foods that you need to enhance our nutrition program especially if you looking for healthy skin, we can classify eggs as superfoods. They are rich with nutrient materials.

Eggs contain vitamins A, D, E, and K, minerals, and protein.

All of those vitamins have antioxidant properties that help in keeping skin healthy and free of toxins.

To ensure that you have the benefits that eggs provide, you can eat about two whole eggs daily, also you can add them to your salad.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds are Good for Healthy Skin

Sunflower seeds are the best ideal source of nutrients that you need for skin health especially if you suffering from inflamed, dry, flaky, or sensitive skin. you have to try it to avoid these skin problems.

Sunflower seeds are rich in healthy fats, vitamins E, A, D, linoleic acid zinc, iron, calcium, and potassium. All of these nutrients forces your body to produce moisturized skin and help to reduce inflammation (26).

From about 28 gm of sunflower seeds, you can get about 37% of the RDI for vitamin E, 32% of the RDI for selenium, 10% of the RDI for zinc and 5.4 grams of protein (27).

Sunflower seeds are an excellent choice if you looking for the promotion of your skin health and make it glowing.

You can add the organic sunflower seeds to your breakfast cereal and enjoy it!

Dark Chocolate Is Great for Healthy Skin

Dark Chocolate is Good for Healthy Skin

Really? Yes, eating chocolate works on promoting skin health and protect skin from sun damages.

Now, all the above is great for who loves to eat chocolates and for who doesn’t eat now you get more reason to eat Chocolate.

Cocoa contains antioxidants like flavonols, these antioxidants help to improve skin hydration, wrinkles and skin texture besides protecting from sunburn.

Studies show that eating cocoa may help in protecting skin from UV radiation damage (28).

Another study that says that people who eat chocolate daily, their body got more withstand over twice as much UV radiation than before (before eating chocolate) (29).

Well, to get all these benefits of chocolate for healthy skin make sure that you chose chocolate with at least the percentage 65% of cocoa and enjoy!

Whole Grains

Whole Grains are Good for Healthy Skin

Whole grains are full of fibers that make the bowel movement easier this in turn in flushes out toxins.

Whole grains also contain vitamins B3, B12, and folic acid.

vitamin B3 promotes skin elasticity (30).

Decreasing of vitamin B12 may cause dermatitis, acne (31).

Folic acid has a strong role in slow down skin aging and keeps the skin healthy and fresh (32).

Examples for whole grains like barley, oats, oats, etc.

For healthy skin, you can make this whole grains with your breakfast to keep skin fresh all day.


Rosemary is Good for Healthy Skin

Rosemary is good for healthy skin and the proof is it has anti-inflammatory properties that make it reducing acne formation (33).

There is a study that shows that rosemary helps to reduce aging and fight skin cancer that comes because of repeated sun exposure (34).

You can mix the dried rosemary with your grilled chicken or veggies.


Soy is Good for Healthy Skin

Soy will help you to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Soy has plant compounds known as isoflavones, these isoflavones help the skin to reduce skin dryness and work on increasing of collagen which gives skin the strength and keeping it smooth (35).

Isoflavones protect your skin from UV radiation this, in turn, in, reduce the risk of skin cancers (36).

There is a study showed that eating soy isoflavones improve skin elasticity and help to reduce wrinkles (37).

Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts are Good for Healthy Skin

Brazil Nuts are a great nutrient that assures you healthy skin. It helps to protect skin from sun damage.

Brazil Nuts are rich in selenium which acts as an antioxidant, selenium works with vitamins E and C to make the immune system strong.

You can boost your intake of selenium by eating about four of brazil nuts.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds are Good for Healthy Skin

Pumpkin seeds are great food for healthy skin. because they are rich in zinc.

Zinc enhances skin healing and the functioning of the sebaceous glands in the skin and keeps skin soft.

Points to keep in Mind for Healthy Skin

Points to keep in Mind for Healthy Skin

  • You can use some of the cube ice on your face to fresh your skin.
  • Keep away from UV radiation by applying sunscreen on skin before going out or by using an umbrella.
  • Keep your hand away from the pimple and don’t burst it, it can leave a mark.
  • Keep in touch with the doctor and tell him if you found patches of discoloration or flaky skin.
  • Try to keep away from eating too spicy food.
  • Try to eat what you cook at home.
  • Remember to remove your makeup before bed.
  • Drink water always to help flush out the toxins.
  • If you found rashes don’t scratch it.
  • It’s preferred to use a water-based or oil-based moisturizer depending on your skin type.


It is not hard to have smooth and fresh glowing skin, but it’s not easy too. Just follow these points and try to Diversify these foods from time to time in your day then you can see the great results on your skin.

Please don’t be shy to comment below if you know another food that can help a lot of girls and women achieve glowing and healthy skin.

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